Welcoming Tenderfoot Training

Training your new dog can be difficult, but does it really have to be? Tenderfoot Training believes that it doesn’t need to be a fight to direct your dog toward positive behaviors.  For 15 years Love Your Pet Bakery has utilized the magical techniques created by husband and wife team Elizabeth and Doug Simpson to train 5 dogs. Tenderfoot’s ideology embodies the idea that through strong, positive interactions, owners and their dogs can have a mutually respectful and joyful relationship built in trust and understanding.  

Their 5 non-harsh training methods use leadership, relationship, direction and communication as the foundation for their effective, science-based training drills: Close Drill, 2-Step Dance, ‘Out’, Trust Roll, ‘Come’, and ‘Leave It’.  

Tenderfoot Training has been invited to help struggling pet owners learn their tried and true techniques at a clinic hosted by Love Your Pet Bakery, December 8th and 9th in Heber City.  They promise that even the owners of the most challenging dogs will see improvements in positive behavior in a short amount of time.

Cost: $250 for private, $100 for small group clinic of 8-10 people

For more information, contact Love Your Pet Bakery at 435-655-8227 to schedule your spot.  Space is limited to 20, please reserve your spot ASAP.