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Debbie and Jeff Raw Pet Food Diet for Dogs + Cats Testimonial

"We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how completely satisfied we are with all your dog food products, and services. For the past eight years we have used your products exclusively for our Golden Retrievers (Annie / 9 years old and Gracie Girl / 7 year old). They love your food, treats, vitamins and bones.

Our dogs have maintained perfect health, good weight, with incredible energy and stamina along with beautiful shiny coats.

In addition, an added value service is Valarie and Doug’s knowledge and direction regarding the proper care and handling of our dogs. They are both always willing to provide any assistance to us to make our lives easier with our dogs going above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional customer service.

We have been so pleased with their products, services and personal touches that we use nothing but Love Your Pet in both our homes (Park City Utah and Palm Desert California). We would recommend them to any animal owner that wants to provide the best care and food for their dogs and cats."

Debi and Jeff

Palm Desert, CA


"There truly are not enough amazing things I can say about LOVE YOUR PET! I stumbled across the store a few months after I moved to Park City and a few days before I picked up my Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. The first great experience I had was meeting the owner Valerie. As a first time puppy dad I had a ton of questions and a lot of nerves.

Valerie not only answered all of my questions and put me at ease, but she also made me so incredibly excited. Her knowledge about dogs is out of this world. In addition to that aspect of LOVE YOUR PET, the store also has amazing merchandise. My puppy Harvey loves his huge comfy dog bed from the store, and I'll even admit that there have been a few nights I have fallen asleep on the bed with him! His collar and leash are hand made and don't irritate him at all like the one I originally had for him that I bought at a big name pet store. The most important thing to me when it comes to Harvey is his health! I would say above all things this has been the biggest gift of finding LOVE YOUR PET.

They take the health of pets so seriously that they even have their own natural dog foods and treats. Instead of Harvey eating food from a huge corporation with tons of fillers in it, he now enjoys meals like "Wild Elk and Vegetables" and I train him using treats like "Wild Game Jerky" or "Salmon Jerky"... I have even taken bites of these treats and they really are all natural and healthy! I love the idea that i am not feeding my dog something I couldn't eat myself! The last thing I feel I have to mention is that just recently I had a situation suddenly come up that required me to leave town for a few days.. I was so nervous about finding a place for Harvey to stay while I was gone. I hated the idea of him being in some huge kennel with 20 other dogs, or a place where he wouldn't get the love and attention he gets at home! Naturally I reached out to the place I trust the most and asked for a recommendation from LOVE YOUR PET.

By the grace of God I was made aware that Valerie herself does boarding! It was such a great experience. I received pictures every day of Harvey, he was taken care of and loved as if he was one of her own pups! It gives me such peace of mind knowing my boy can be taken care of that way if I have to be out of town! LOVE YOUR PET is truly a one of a kind place, and a hidden gem for pets and their owners here in Park City! Harvey and I stop in at least once or twice a week to visit and are always welcomed with love and even a special little treat for Harvey! If you are a pet owner and really do love your pet, then I encourage you whole heartedly to stop in and experience it for yourself!!!"

Zachary Novack



"Love Your Pet" sells the most amazing dog food. I live in Florida and actually have it shipped to my home. I have been using the venison, buffalo and elk for my German Shepherd, Desiree, with amazing results. One of our local animal hospitals was so impressed with my dogs diet, that they actually scheduled a conference with me to find out what I was doing. They told me that Desiree's diet is saving her from taking medications for gastric issues. Desiree is not on any medication, and the vets felt her diet has kept her potential issues completely at bay.

Martine Second Raw Pet Food Diet for Dogs + Cats Testimonial
Martine Raw Pet Food Diet for Dogs + Cats Testimonial

Love Your Pet's products are very clean, with no additives or preservatives of any kind. They are deep frozen, which kills any type of bacteria. My dog has never had any parasites or problems with this food, and I've been using it for many years. My first German Shepherd to eat a raw diet, Roxy, also did well with the food from Love Your Pet. I only wish I would've started Roxy on it years ago. Love Your Pet understands quality. They truly love animals, and really care about what your dog eats. Many people jokingly tell me they want to come back as my dog! My dog eats better than most humans!"


Hillsboro Beach, FL

"I have been so fortunate to have Love Your Pet food as part of my dog's primary diet for the last five years. 

Bailey is my life, my pet and my friend. I rescued her from the pound at the age of 2. She had been loved but neglected for the last 6 months before I found her. As a mutt she had some skin and coat issues and struggled to control her weight. 


Then I discovered Love Your Pet fresh elk dog food. Bailey's skin and hair immediately improved. The lack of fillers and grains lead to better BMs. Her temperament changed dramatically and she is less anxious and high strung. I am convinced this is all due to her diet and intestinal health. I am constantly asked about what I feed her and I am proud to say nothing but fresh dog food (bison, elk and venison) from Love Your Pet. Morning and Night.

Thanks for all you do to provide great healthy pet foods for all our animals."

Sean and Bailey

Park City, UT

Sean Raw Pet Food Diet for Dogs + Cats Testimonial


"Your Love Your Pet food is the best. Rosko, our eight and a half year old Weimaraner loves your food. The Elk, Buffalo and Venison are the best!  Because of his diet he has a healthy, soft, shiny coat. The vet is always amazed at how healthy his teeth and gums are, as well as his over all fitness.

Weimaraners typically have allergies and skin conditions, Rosko has neither of these.  People constantly compliment me on how beautiful his coat is is, and what great  shape he is in. We've had Rosko on your raw food now for 8 and a half years. The quality is amazing and Rosko loves it, he never forgets to remind us exactly when feeding time is.

We look forward to many more years with Rosko, thanks to your food and him being on a healthy diet. Thank you for creating a food that gives our "furry child" the perfect, natural diet that keeps him a happy and fitmember of our family."

Much love,

JT and Dan

San Pedro, CA

Rosko Raw Pet Food Diet for Dogs + Cats Testimonial

Newfoundland Raw Pet Food Diet for Dogs + Cats Testimonial

"Years ago, we lived with a St. Bernard dog, Berk. For the whole of his life, from the early 1970’s to the mid 1980’s, Berk ate a leading kibble in the U.S. We bought huge bags of it at the grocery store. Berk lived to be 12 years old and was healthy until the end.  

We brought Lily, our first Newfoundland dog, home in 2001. We fed her a quality kibble as we didn’t know there was any other food available. Our second Newfoundland dog, Flora, came home with us in 2002 and she too was fed this same kibble. They ate it with gusto and seemed healthy.  


But, as we have learned from the recalls and even pet deaths in recent years, the quality of kibble has changed, and the science of animal nutrition has advanced our understanding. When we moved to Salt Lake City, we first learned about Love Your Pet through the grapevine – people told us we had to visit this great, small pet shop in Park City because the owners also had Newfoundland dogs. About this same time, we began reading about raw food diets for dogs. When we eventually did visit, we found more than we expected – not only a great raw diet for our dogs but also true friends in Doug and Valarie, who focus on their, and our, pet’s health. 

Raw dog food diet for Newfoundlands

When we took Lily and Flora (ages three and four at the time), off the kibble and gave them their first bowl of raw food, they wolfed it down and looked at us as if to say, “Finally, the humans get it!” We now live with Newfs three and four who have been raised on LYP with veggies. We’ve been feeding a raw diet to our dogs for 11 years now and see the result in their healthy coats and clear eyes.

We feel that a raw food diet, complete with raw meaty bones and organ meat, is the best way to ensure a happy, healthy dog. Because of the often scary world of processed food, we are so grateful that Love Your Pet raw food is available for our dogs."

Mary Delle and Raymond
Salt Lake City, UT

Chihuahua Raw Food Diet for Dogs

"My 9 year old long hair chihuahua, Evie, has been fed Love Your Pet raw meat since she was a puppy. I was blessed to have the knowledge of feeding raw at a young age due to my knowledge as a dog trainer. Although Evie is 9 she still acts just like a puppy and we have yet to see her age or slow down at all. She's a competitive athlete in the sport of Dog Agility and her vibrancy and spice for life can be greatly contributed to what fuels her. Feeding raw is so very important and and vital for your dogs overall health. You can pay the money in great food now or you can pay the money in costly vet bills later. Love Your Pet is terrificat helping you get started on a raw meat diet for your dog and you can also find great knowledge in vets that support the raw meat diet. Once I tried switching Evie to a different brand of raw and she refused to touch it, even after days. She would literally rather starve! Love Your Pet really is the best stuff out there! 


I rotate meats for Evie, making sure that she gets different amino acid chains in her diet. Her morning meal consists of raw meat, some yams for carbs, coconut oil for fats and topped off with fish oil, probiotic and vitamins for a complete meal. Sound complicated? It's not; it takes me about 2 minutes to prepare is all. Her evening meal consists of another serving of raw meat and veggies, usually whatever I'm having for dinner. This meal takes even less time. 

I expect I'll get many, many more years out of Evie. Good, quality years that we can enjoy together."

Ogden, UT 

Barkley Jerky and Raw Wild Meat Diet

 “I absolutely love the food that my parents get from Love Your Pet Bakery! They started me on the raw diet when I got cancer and my mom swears that it was part of what made me healthy. I’m a pretty picky eater so I guess I was hard to please before the big switch. My mom would order all sorts of weird, crunchy food and I just couldn’t force myself to eat that stuff more than once a day. I remember my tummy hurting all the time. The raw food smells so good that I wagged my tail extra hard the first time I got it to let my parents know I approved. I wasn’t so sure about the taste of a few of the varieties at first, but now I love them all. My parents spoil me with other great items that Love Your Pet makes too – supplements, jerky treats, birthday cupcakes, and more. I love the jerky! I can hardly hold still while waiting when I hear that bag open and I can just feel the slobber pouring from my mouth. My parents love the mobility supplement because it’s the first one I would eat (again, I’m really picky). Valarie and Doug are the best humans in the world (next to my parents). I love our trips to Park City because they give me lots of treats and love. It’s also fun to hangout with all the other big dogs. Now that I’m eating real food…life is good"


 Erie, CO



"My name is Kodiak Bear and I’m a VERY happy chocolate Labrador. My parents discovered Love Your Pet Bakery, their food and products when I was just three months old. Thankfully they made a commitment to start feeding me raw when I was six months old, and I haven’t had to eat another morsel of processed dog food since. I can’t tell you the difference in how I have felt and the way my fur coat looks since I began eating organic raw venison, buffalo and elk. I also have the unbelievable opportunity to gnaw on elk bones and knuckles that help to keep my teeth clean and give me good nutrients. Because of all the nutrients and good stuff that’s in my food and bones, I don’t need any supplements. My energy from day-to-day is endless and I can play for hours. I last longer than all the other dogs I play with because I feel so good. I wish every pet owner knew about Love Your Pet because their service, products and food are unmatched. I’m so glad Mommy and Daddy found them and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone out there interested in giving their pet the best care possible!"


Kodiak Bear
Orlando, FL

Labrador Raw Food Diet

German Shepherd Raw Food Diet for Dogs

"My son & his wife discovered the owner of Love Your Pet in Utah with her dogs. They were so impressed with the radiant health of her dogs that they arranged to start feeding their chocolate lab raw, wild meat from Love Your Pet. Callie has thrived. Her vet declares that she is the healthiest lab he has ever seen! I filled my suitcase full of Callie's food and brought it home to my two german shepherds every time I visited CA. They loved it! It was our celebration upon my return home to NY!

When he was 6 years old, my magnificent, powerful black and red male shepherd developed a terrible skin allergy, he had lesions all over his body. He scratched and bit himself to bleeding. He wanted to spend his days in the back of our station wagon with the garage door closed. For months there was no sleeping in our house without giving Ezekiel benedryl.  He went to the veterinarian weekly.  My cupboard was full of ineffective, expensive medications. I was about to take him to The Cornell Companion Animal Hospital in Ithaca, NY for a full workup. Cornell suggested that I should try a "novel protein" for feeding.  Hence, I called Valerie for venison and Elk!

Within three weeks Ezekiel was free of his tortuous condition. He gained weight and  looked beautiful, again. Even his temperament improved as he was more comfortable in his skin. He was mellow!

Thanks to Love Your Pet's conscientious packing, our 100 pound deliveries always arrived frozen and in good condition despite some careless handling by Delta Airlines."

Vestal, NY

"My first experience with Love Your Pet Bakery was in 1998. I began buying supplements and other supplies for my two dogs, Pumpkin a Chow/Husky mix and Moggie, a Lhasa/terrier mixed breed.

I discussed the raw food diet with, Valarie, the owner of Love Your Pet over the course of the next few years, but was reluctant to make a commitment to the change both in terms of time and budget. Unfortunately, Pumpkin developed some health issues at about age ten and for the next year I struggled with various medications and foods without success. It was beginning to look as though the kindest thing for Pumpkin would be euthanasia, when Valarie again,  broached the raw food diet as a possible solution. Over the next few months, I made the conversion to Love Your Pet raw food and Pumpkin’s health started to improve. We eliminated all of Pumpkin's medications within a couple of months and she lived almost to  17 years. Moggie passed at age 17, just a few weeks after Pumpkin (she missed her friend)! The most significant thing for me about their last six years was the all around improvement in their general health. We had very few vet bills and they remained active and happy to the end of their lives. 

I also acquired Kodak, an eighteen month old Newfoundland, when Pumpkin and Moggie were about fourteen. He started immediately on the raw food diet and lived to be almost twelve, a very long life for a Newfie. I have had dogs all of my life and they usually experience a definite decline in health in old age. That has not been the case since I have been feeding Love Your Pet to my current and future friends. I truly believe that the raw food diet is what nature intended for dogs."


Park City, UT

Small Breed Dog Diet

"Hi! My name is Sweet Pea. I am a 3 year-old Argentinian Dog from Newport Beach, CA. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Buffalo Chews. Ever since my mom brought them home for me, I refuse to eat any other chewy. Although she calls me spoiled she continues to keep them well in supply. We all know who the top dog is in this relationship. Also your Wild Game Jerky is great and the Tuff Toys seem to be the only ones that can survive for any length of time. Thank you Love Your Pet, you have a lifelong customer in me."

Sweet Pea

Newport Beach, CA


  "I have an 18 year old mini dachshund that had two spinal surgeries when she was young, around three to four years old. In 2008 she was failing. Her legs were weak and she was struggling to walk and had lost her glowing spirit. Love Your Pet Bakery suggested we start her on Ultimate Mobility and Ultimate Health at aged 10. She will be 19 in September and continues to enjoy her days with much more engaging enthusiasm. Her strength in her entire body has improved so much it is amazing. She enjoys being outside in the sun and walks around on her own power, a little slow but amazingly strong. She has been the greatest joy of my life and I have Love Your Pet Bakery to thank for the improved overall health and additional time with my baby girl.

Thank You Love Your Pet"

Missoula, MT


"I actually was pleasantly and comically surprised when my dog ate Love Your Pet's Wild Elk with vegetables, my dogs loved your raw food. I could tell because they got that 'round, prey drive eye' when I gave it to them. You know the look when a dog sees a squirrel... That desperate jaw clacking thing they do when they want something really badly. It was that.. 

And the jerky was a huge hit. He was actually still looking at the bag... Luckily it wasn't a full bag, but he managed to get thru a healthy portion pretty quick! 

Thanks so much! It was a pleasure feeding your food to my dogs."

Studio City, CA

Small Breeds love Elk Jerky

Hi Valarie,


Hope you had a great holiday as well and happy New Year!


I  wanted to let you know Jinju finally reached her goal weight (12lbs

lost!) and she's doing so well! She used to have bright red, inflamed,

flaky, scabby skin, which is now completely gone and she has zero

skin issues even during allergy season, people are always amazed how

soft she is!  She has more energy and is discovering a whole new life now.

She's finally learned how jump onto furniture (which I'm not sure is

the best thing lol), something she was not able to do the first 5 years

of her life because of her weight issue. She's like a completely new

dog and she has a much happier life now, our vet tells us she could not

be any healthier! She loves to eat your food and the only food source

we trust completely knowing that you only provide the best ingredients

dogs were meant to eat. It's been so difficult to find dog food brands

that have quality ingredients unless if we make it ourselves which

can get very time consuming. Thanks again for the wonderful food you

provide! Attached are some before and after pics of Jinju, she looks

like a completely different dog


Thanks again,



Pasadena, CA