Ultimate Health Feline

Ultimate Health Feline


Ultimate Health Feline: This powder supplement is designed to increase the health and longevity of your cat's life. It's helps to restore metabolism and increase their strength. With age, the ability to digest protein declines leading to muscle wasting. Ultimate Health Feline helps restore healthy muscle status. It contains digestive enzymes, plus new ultra-digestible proteins which maximize utilization. It is loaded with antioxioxidants and probiotics which can benefit inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), support urinary tract health and promote renal health.

• Underweight Cats
• Poor Coats
• Older Cats
• Finicky Eaters
• Digestive Problems

• Omega 3s
• Ultra Digestible & Gentle
• Renal Health Factors
• Heart Health
• Protect Lean Muscle
• Boost Immunity

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