Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight

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Ideal Weight: This powder supplement is a natural appetite and weight gainer. It promotes feeding response and appetite, even in stressed dogs. Helps to convert highly digestible calories into healthy weight. Its high density, low-residue calories are customized for dogs needing to add solid weight.

• Under Weight Dogs
• Traveling Dogs
• Show Dogs
• Stressed Dogs

• Promotes Healthy Appetite
• Supports Normal Digestion
• Concentrated Calorie Count
• Contains Natural Antioxidants, Digestive Enzymes, Amino Acids, Probiotics and more

Directions: Just mix in your dog's regular food. Begin with 1/2 tbsp and work up to 3 tbsp depending on your dog's size. 1 tbsp per 45lbs, not to exceed 3 tbsp.

1 Pound Bag: about 50 tablespoons
4 Pound Bag: about 200 tablespoons

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