What's in the Box?


What you will receive each month

  • Ultimate Puppy Supplement (8 oz) - Ensure your puppy is getting all the necessary nutrients by adding our supplement to their diet. Support the development of strong bones and teeth, boost immunity, and provide needed antioxidants for your furry friend.

  • Bison Chews: Our Bison “Bully Sticks” made from single ingredient, organic bison is a highly digestible, chemical, preservative, and additive free treat that is safe for your puppy’s entire system. These treats help maintain a healthy and clean teeth.

  • Elk Antler: The perfect chewy treat for your puppy’s developing teeth. Splinter-proof and durable, elk antler is chock full of natural sources of chondroitin sulfate that supports healthy joint development and function. 


Benefits of Ultimate Puppy Supplement

  • Helps support all your puppy’s developmental needs

  • Immune system and organ function

  • Strong bone development

  • “Ultimate Puppy” supplement contains colostrum, amino acids, vitamins, probiotics, phytonutrients, and antioxidants