What's in the Box?


What you will receive each month

  • Ultimate Health Supplement (8 oz): Our Ultimate Health supplement powder has all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to help your dog thrive. Loaded with antioxidants, Ultimate Health helps protect against free radical damage and environmental toxins, allowing you to feel comfortable taking your best friend anywhere! Keep your dog looking, feeling and acting younger, and enjoy doing the things that you and your best friend love.

  • Bison Chews: Our Bison “Bully Sticks” made from single ingredient, organic bison is a highly digestible, chemical, preservative, and additive free treat that is safe for your adult dog’s system. These treats help maintain healthy and clean teeth.

  • Elk Antler: The perfect treat for aggressive chewers. Splinter-proof and durable, elk antler has naturally occurring chondroitin sulfate to support healthy joint development and function. 

  • Jerky: Our family recipe dates back over 50 years, our jerky is filed with tasty proteins and omega fatty acids without added hormones, antibiotics, flavorings, preservatives and pesticides. Our jerky is smoked the old fashioned way using low heat and hard woods like apple, cherry and peach woods. Use our jerky as a high-value training treat!

Benefits of Ultimate Health Supplement:

  • Promotes healthy aging in dogs

  • Help support heart function

  • Supports cellular water absorption

  • Aids in immune and digestive health

  • Ultimate Health supplement contains amino acids, vitamins, probiotics, phytonutrients, and antioxidants