Frequently Asked Questions


Does Love Your Pet have other products besides the treats and supplements are pets can enjoy?

Absolutely! We are one of the top producers of raw pet food. Take a moment and take a look around our website to learn more.

What makes Love Your Pet so qualified to claim what they offer is better than the rest?

We have a proven track record, years of experience ensuring our pets and yours are given the quality of life they deserve. We’ve done this by spending years creating a high-quality line of species appropriate raw food, supplements, and treats. We are here to provide pet owners with information and resources necessary to learn how to enrich and improve the quality of life for their pets through food.

Why should I feed my dogs bones?

Bones help provide calcium, phosphorus, and healthy fats from the marrow. They assist in retaining your dog’s bone density and maintaining a healthy heart.

What makes your bully sticks superior to similar products?

Our bully sticks are Bison and by law the bones cannot be injected with any type of preservatives, antibiotics, fillers, etc… making this one of the cleanest “treats” you can give your furry buddy.

What’s so special about Love Your Pet jerkies?

Just as with our bully sticks, LYP jerkies are made with the highest quality game and free-range meats. Never are there any additives or “enhancers” added. And they are made the old-fashioned way, smoked with hardwood for a minimum of eight hours, following a family recipe dating back over fifty years.

Why does my pet need a supplement?

There are so many factors, one of which are environmental toxins, the spread of diseases, and the unfortunate reality that a lot of pet food on the market is low-quality and not “clean”.


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