8 Benefits of Feeding Your Pets Raw Food

1.  Cleaner Teeth & Fresh Breath

Eating raw muscle meat, raw meaty bones, and other connective tissues requires lots of chewing, and that does wonders to keep a carnivore’s teeth clean! With the number of dogs suffering some degree of periodontal disease by age three, we have found that the consumption of a whole raw diet, promotes superior gum health. Also, Dogs that are fed raw foods have less offensive breath due to their cleaner teeth, healthier gums and great digestive systems. 

2. Rock Solid Immune System and fewer yeast infections

Wild dogs and wolves seem to have fewer diseases and health problems compared to our domestic dogs, the reason is absolutely their diet! Eating raw on a regular basis can prevent yeast infections and help your pet manage their immune system. Raw pet food includes lots of fatty acids and other immune-system boosting nutrients, it can also reduce the rate of inflammatory conditions significantly.

3. Weight Control

Pets who eat raw food tend to be at a healthier weight, pet obesity among those who eat processed foods is an ever, increasing problem. This is a great benefit with raw food, our pets can maintain a healthy, lean weight. Extra weight can cause a multitude of health issues, including joint problems, heart problems, a higher risk of cancer, diabetes and many more health issues.

4. Shinier Coat

A diet that consists of fresh, natural, raw foods will give your pet the nutrients to maintain a healthy skin and a shiny coat. Raw foods are full of essential fatty acids which is the key to a wonderful healthy coat. 

5. Healthy/Normal Digestion

Dogs and cats have  short digestive tracts which limit their ability to digest fibrous plant foods. A raw food diet for pets is largely meat-based, which makes it easy for your pet to digest. Your pet’s digestive system will work smoothly and  regularly –  resulting in fewer, firmer and less offensive smelling stool!

6. Fewer allergies

Raw foods contain fewer chemicals than pet food products. Cats and dogs are unlikely to have a reaction to raw food unless they have trouble digesting specific types of meat. Raw meat does not contain artificial preservatives, fillers, or dyes. It is full of healthy, natural nutrition that your pet will love.

7. Fewer vet visits

Feeding a natural raw diet to your pet is the best thing you can do for them! You will see improvements in their health, energy, coat, and teeth. Their digestive system will be healthier, and their bones stronger, therefore avoiding more trips to the vet!

8. Your pets will love you for it!

Ali Wright